RB’s signature steel security door sold around the world, incorporating advanced technology, innovative security and chic design for residential entrances.

• Two 18 gauge galvanized steel sheet cover
• Interior vertical and horizontal steel reinforcement bar for optimal security and structure.
• Rockwool or honeycomb filled slab for thermal and acoustic insulation
• 2” thick door leaf
• Variety of designs and finishes.
• Telescopic bottom insert to enable easy adjustment during installation

• Model RB507 4-way multi-point locking system
• Four front lock bolts and spring loaded latch
• Reinforced upper and rear bolts operated by the lock
• RB’s High Security cylinder
• Improved cylinder protector preventing picking, drilling and tampering
• Available with the unique high security Gladiator® lock system

• 16 gauge galvanized knock down frame
• 16 gauge cover frame available for installation on existing wood or metal frames.

• Powder coating
• Wood finish
• Variety of window options

• Standard height from 80” up to 96”
• Standard width from 24” to 36”
*Additional height and width available upon request

Doors are available in single and double leaf configurations.

The Kyoto design was inspired by the Mashrabiya window- characteristic to Oriental architecture- designed grilles for separating different spaces. The style is unique to RB-Doors and is especially loved by designers and architects with its play on light from the combination of the laser cut grille and the glass window.


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